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---- XElevate Help ---------------------------------------------------

 Extended elevate V1.01
 Lets programs run in elevated mode or 'Run as Administrator' mode.
 Elevated processes do not inherit the process environment,
 also network drives may be missing, including the one you started from
 This program should be able to handle these issues
 XElevate [param] <Executable> [Executable-Arguments]
 XElevate paramaters:
  -b  = Be Brief (Less information in the console)
  -c  = Transfer the environment complete
  -d  = Set Debug In Elevated Environment
  -e  = Transfer the environment to the elevated process
  -h  = Help  (or --help or /h or /?)
  -i  = Disable Launch-File Indexing
  -k  = Starts the the %COMSPEC% environment variable value and
        executes <Executable> in it
  -m  = Start Minimized
  -p  = Pause before closing the elevated process
  -q  = Quet, does not show information in the console
  -r  = Redirect the output to the XElevate log file
  -v  = Verbose (Increase logged information)
  -q  = Be quiet
  -w  = Wait For Launched Process to finish
  -x  = Explicitly exit the process. 
 --cv = Console verbose, Verbose towards the console
 --fmd= Fix Mapped network Drive if it is missing in the elevated process
 --w  = Set the wait time at the end of the elevated process
        --w=0 disables the wait, --w=3 is the defailt
---- Examples: -------------------------------------------------------
 Display Help:
   XElevate -h | more
 Start an elevated command prompt that inherits the environment:
   XElevate -e cmd
 Start a procedure with environment transfer, minimized and wait at the end
   XElevate -e -p -m C:\Temp\Test.bat
   XElevate -epm C:\Temp\Test.bat
 Start a procedure with environment transfer and 
 Fix the Mapped network Drive from which executable is started, if 
 this network drive missing in the elevated process. In the example
 below -edrbwi are 6 separate single dash switches (explanation above)
   XElevate -edrbwi --fmd Z:\Maint\Apply_Mods.bat
 (c) Hans van Buitenen - 2019-07-30
  Free for personal, non-commercial use. Download Latest version at 


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